Chocolate Cake

Hello everyone,

I have spent all morning trying to process everything that is going on around us right now and I am not being very successful. So, I am going to focus on some of the responses that spoke to me.

President Obama with his tweet:

Esther Choo hitting on something that is very close to my heart as a doctor. She comes back to the most important thing, compassion:

Chelsea Clinton “There is no compromise with bigotry”:

And to those of you needing ways to talk to your kids about this, some resources that I found helpful:

  1. LA Times How to talk to your kids about the violence in Charlotte:
  2. Buzzfeed: Raising Race Conscious Children:

Please share anything that you found helpful as well.

For me, focusing on the baking process is a type of meditation. And, in times like these, chocolate cake is the right thing. We made the cake that Adriana Made on A Cozy Kitchen and the link is here:

The cake was perfect. It totally hit the spot and was fairly easy to make. The sprinkles definitely make it cheery! Try it if you need some chocolate sweetness in your day.

Onwards with love,






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